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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is this “service charge” on my water bill?
The service charge is collected to pay for the fixed costs. All water systems have fixed costs, which are not related to the quantity of water used.

The cost for the laboratory tests, employees salaries, contract agreements, insurance, and rent are examples of some fixed costs. This service charge is a higher cost for smaller water systems where the fixed costs are prorated to fewer service connections.

My water pressure is low. What can I do to increase it?
If the service has a pressure reducing valve on the service line, a customer may turn the adjusting screw clock-wise to increase the pressure.

How can I find out what is in my water, and how much, i.e. chlorine, floride, chemicals, etc.?
Russian River Utility sends out a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) once a year with a detailed report on all chemical tests for all of the water systems we manage. This report is sent out by July 1. You can call or visit the office to find out more.

Is my water hard or soft?
In general, the water from the underflow of the Russian River is relatively soft, however not as soft as the East Bay MUD Sierra mountain water. If you have moved from the Bay Area you may think Sonoma County water is hard.

What is the pressure at the fire hydrant near my home?
Call our office at 707-887-7735 with the address and location of the hydrant in question.

Why did I reach Russian River Utility when I wanted to reach Russian River County Water District, Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District, Sereno del Mar Water Company, etc.? Who is Russian River Utility in relation to these other water systems?
Russian River Utility provides contract management and operation services to a number of water systems. The Russian River Utility telephone number, 707-887-7735, is used for all systems and is transferred to an answering service after normal business hours.

How can I get water service started?
Call the office with the exact address and parcel number for the property. Verification of the ability to connect at that location will be completed within a week. Thereafter, an application will be emailed or mailed to you requesting the required connection and permit fees. Once payment is received, connection is completed according to the requested date.

When I call and I contact the answering service, how do I know that Russian River Utility will respond?
The answering service, 707-887-7735 (after hours), contacts the operator on call by telephone.

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