Serving Water Systems & Reclaimed Water Systems throughout Sonoma County, California
Steel Water TankWater and Reclaimed Water Systems

Russian River Utility operates both water and reclaimed (wastewater) systems throughout Sonoma County, California.

Water Systems
There are five classifications of water systems RRU manages: County Service Areas, Public, Mutual, Private and Commercial.

County Service Area Water Systems (CSA)
The County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors governs the County Service Area Water Systems.

The CSA Water Systems are public municipal water systems which are under the water quality and reporting requirements of the Division of Drinking Water. The fiscal budget and water rates are reviewed and approved by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

RRU manages the following County Service Area Systems:
Fitch Mountain

Salmon Creek

Public Water Systems
These systems are regulated by the Division of Drinking Water and governed by locally elected Board of Directors. The public water systems comply with the California Water Code, Community Services District, and County Water District regulations contained in the Government Code.

The Board of Directors for Public Water Systems must comply with the California Brown Act. The Board must post agendas, provide public notices, and schedule public hearings.ik

RRU manages the following Public Water Systems:
Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District
Occidental Community Services District
Rains Creek Water District

Russian River County Water District

Mutual and Private Water Systems
Mutual water systems are non-profit corporations administered by a board of directors. Every lot or service owner is a stockholder, or commonly called a holder of a certificate, guaranteeing water service. Although mutual systems are privately owned, they qualify for State and Federal low-interest loans.

Private water systems are investor-owned for profit companies. The water rates are reviewed and approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Sereno del Mar is owned by the Russian River Utility and is a member of the California Water Agency. The California Water Agency members represent the private water systems.

RRU manages the following Mutual and Private Water Systems:

Commercial Water Systems
The State Department of Health and the legislature determined that specific commercial water systems are public water systems, but are classified as community or non-community, and either transient or non-transient.

These systems are usually owned by private persons or companies which provide water to a number of employees or customers. The management and monitoring of these systems are under the review of the Division of Drinking Water and must be operated by licensed water treatment plant operators.

RRU manages the following Commercial Water Systems:

Reclaimed Water Systems
Russian River Utility operates three reclaimed water systems, also knows as Wastewater Reclamation Treatment Plants. All public and private wastewater treatment systems must abide by wastewater discharge permits issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).

These permits determine the quality of treated waste and the monitoring These permits determine the quality of treated waste and the monitoring requirements of each system. The systems operated by Russian River Utility utilize the treated wastewater for irrigation on pastures, redwood forests, or golf courses. The quality of the treated water must conform with the Regional Water Quality Control Board discharge permits.

RRU manages the following Reclaimed Water Systems:
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